Did you know that you can incorporate fashion into the interior design of your home? In fact, many interior design trends have used the inspiration offered up by fashion designers to create new atmospheres in every room within a home, from the kitchen and living room to the bedroom and bathroom.

So how can you infuse a little bit of fashion sense into your interior design scheme? Well, it is surprisingly easy to pull off. Continue reading to learn how.

Bring in Patterns from the Runway

Check out the latest and greatest runway styles, or even check out the runway styles of the past, to gain insight into what some of the most beautiful and most popular patterns are. You can even take a close look at what textures are currently popular, as you can add these into your interior design as well. For example, if faux fur is in, you can incorporate it into your living room or bedroom design. If black and white striped patterns are in, or you simply really like this pattern, you can purchase window treatments with that pattern and place them in your bathroom. And you can even take a piece of furniture, such as a Chesterfield sofa, and add a pop of runway style with a decorate pillow or blanket.

Add Your Favourite Colours Into Your Design

The world of fashion is always choosing the season’s best colours to wear. From year to year and season to season, these colours change, but if you have found your favourites, you can certainly incorporate them into your design.

Whether you prefer bright and bold hues or you would rather stick with subdued shades like neutrals, earth tones, and greys, there are plenty of options available, and all of them have been shown off on the runway at some point or another, so you can look to the world of fashion for inspiration on the exact shade of a particular colour that you want to have in your home.

Think About Your Favourite Fabrics

In keeping with your favourite colours, textures, and patterns, you should also think about your favourite fabrics. Do you like microsuede for your couch, for example, or would you prefer a different material? Do you like to use thick window treatments, or do you prefer sheer curtains?

Think about the fabrics that you actually like wearing and then take on some DIY projects that will give you the chance to infuse these fabrics throughout your space, whether you crochet a blanket for your bed or you use a particular fabric that you really love in order to create custom window treatments. This is a great way to not only allow your sense of style to shine, but also to create something new and unique.

If you’re continually inspired by fashion and you enjoy watching all of the latest creations that hit the runway, you’ll definitely have a fun time figuring out what fashion elements you can use to revamp your home’s interior design scheme, whether you prefer to stick with antique furniture or modern pieces.

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