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G-Star RAW introduced me to a very beautiful lady this week (thanks G-Star), Yuna Zarai is her name and singing, writing, and fashion are her games. The RAW Episodes is a series of G-Star RAW collaborations that showcase unconventional artists, creators, and craftsmen/women. The first episode of ten explores the creative world of Miss Zarai.

Like recent collaborations with Japanese stylist Sukezane and New York’s Street Etiquette, RAW Episodes features pioneers that not only influence the digital landscape, but also share the brand’s belief in innovation and authenticity. Yuna Zarai, the unconventional LA artist who merges the worlds of fashion and music with her deep Malaysian roots, is the first to star in the new project.

Known as much for her style as her music, Yuna was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and now lives in Los Angeles where she entwines her cultural background with the musical sounds of organic pop, R&B, soul and acoustic folk. Having already worked with notable producers like Pharrell Williams, Yuna is quickly rising from the musical underground. Her latest album, on Verve Universal, is set to drop on the same date the first RAW Episode goes live.

In the Episode, Yuna shows how she styles G-Star denim while on location in her studio and her favourite LA locations. In combination with her eclectic head-scarf collection, Yuna wears both the tapered Type C, with its cropped legs and oversized rear pockets, and the second skin fit 3301 Jeg Skinny, renowned for its Ultimate Stretch denim. To connect with Yuna’s soulful style, designers in the G-Star Atelier created a one-off head-wrap from denim.

Listen to the album preview below…

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