Do you think Keira Knightly was voted “Most Likely to Star in a Period Drama” at school? If not, she most certainly should have been! The British starlet is to star as Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel in a flick directed by Karl Lagerfeld. As the face of Chanel perfumes, she seems like the perfect choice right now; rumour has it that Miss Knightly thought it was to be a silent movie before she arrived on set, that was before Mr Lagerfeld ushered out the lines.

The film also stars Chanel regulars Stella Tennant, Saskia De Brauw, Lindsay Wixson, and Tallulah Harlech in 1913 Deauville at the first Chanel Boutique (re-created for the film). The film debuts on 8th May at the Chanel Cruise collection event in Singapore, and on

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