If you read my post here, you will know all about the collaboration between WAH Nails and Models Own. A bunch of us went down to the launch at the WAH Nails flagship store in Dalston and got our nails did in various patterns and colours…

Lili Vanilli cakes

The choice was ridiculous! I opted for something a little closer to my own heart…FREAK DELUXE NAILS. If you were with me from the start you’ll remember that the last time I had a WAH-do I did a step by step of the WAH leopard print. Here’s how the FREAK DELUXE was done…

Draw the outline with the WAH Nails/Models Own nail art pen…

Fill in with your colours of choice, they had the perfect FREAK DELUXE pink and yellow…

I asked for just a lil hint of the signature WAH leopard on each nail, so she put matte topcoat on one of the black squares and did black on black leopard with the WAH Nails/Models Own nail art pen…

Now to fill in the space with white, for this Sunam used the white WAH Nails/Models Own pen…

The swirls and a lil FD were added to each of the “ring” fingers, then top coat…

Et Voila! (Please sidestep the fact that I hadn’t lotioned my hands yet, the nails were still a lil wet!)

My nails also look super amazing when I’m drinking from my FREAK DELUXE cup!

Here’s what the other gals (+ 1 guy) got done that night…

Aztec nails, first pattern I saw for the night.

Gem Fatale got the black on black leopard print with her BF’s initials in the red heart, how sweet.

I love pop art, Pamper & Polished got the POW nails!!!

I absolutely loved the patterns that Grunge Betty got! Leopard print, pop art, bows and hundreds and thousands.

Sharmandean’s (Miss WAH Nails herself) nails

Char was the last customer of the night so she got a free for all!

I would like to thanks those at WAH Nails and Models Own for a fantastically fun evening.

Don’t forget you guys can win one of the nail art pens, I have 3 to give away all you need to do is:

1) Click here to follow the site on Widbox

2) Click here to join the Facebook group

3) Send a conformation email to win@freakdeluxe.co.uk with:

  • Your Name
  • Your Delivery Address
  • Why you should have one of these amaze-WAH pens

The winners are:

Kaley Almond

Jane Cook

Baldeep Chana

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6 comments on “Freak Deluxe Meets WAH Nails”

  1. Lina

    Ahhh, amazing post! Love all the nail designs, what a fab event. Great meeting you! xx

  2. Lee Sargeant-Mason

    I would love to win this pen, I am disabled and one of the things I like to do to help feel “womanly” is have my nails done and this would be a fab addition to my collection.

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