Whether you’re young, free, single and looking to strike out on your own or a more mature bachelor wanting to create the perfect space for work, rest and play, having a cool and comfortable pad is the ultimate lifestyle accessory for any man about town. Whether you’re into urban living or country chic, our top tips will help you get the most out of your home.

Any bachelor pad worth its salt needs its gadgets, and they’re particularly helpful for those who don’t have much space but still want a home that exudes effortless style and sophistication. Splashing out on a few key items can transform a whole room: a swish food mixer and a Smeg refrigerator in the kitchen, for example, or a Bose speaker system in the lounge. In larger homes, you can dedicate whole rooms to showing off your technology, but remember to keep it cool – instead of creating a games room filled with your favourite consoles why not plan a home cinema with comfortable sofas and flat screen TV? You can still play all your favourite games, but the space will double up as a snug venue for entertaining your guests.


While modern gadgets are important, everyone knows that the bachelors of the past really had style down to a tee. To create a comfortable yet sophisticated environment, look to combine elements of both modern and traditional design in your home. Having a library is a great way to channel an educated, eligible bachelor vibe, and you don’t need to dedicate a whole room to it either. Why not furnish a corner of your living room with bookcases and a few key antiques like a drinks cabinet or a leather wingback chair? Or, if that feels a bit too much, simply incorporate a few classic design pieces into your current décor. One good way to find some interesting antiques is to have a walk around an antiques fair. You can find listings for fairs on this site.

When it comes to paint and furnishings, light and minimal is best. Low maintenance flooring such as lino or wood looks great and is ideal for party houses – any spillages can be easily wiped clean while thick wool or sheepskin rugs can be kept to hand for when you want to create an altogether cosier environment. Leather furniture works great for the same reasons, while pale walls can be given a modern edge by large artworks. For a personal (and affordable) touch, why not look into getting some of your own photos blown up on a canvas to hang on your wall?


With these tips, there’s no excuse not to transform your home into the ultimate bachelor pad – no matter what your budget or the size of your space. You’ll need to consult your landlord if you’re living in a rented home, but don’t panic – many landlords are always looking for ways to improve their properties and are open to suggestions. If you’re renting through a company like www.rentify.com they will be able to advise you on any limitations your contract might impose.

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