Fashion has long been a reflection of cultural, economic, political and social changes, expressing the spirit of the “modern.” Fashion has long been a mainstay of the high end of society’s elite, and that remains as true today as it ever was, if not more so. Fashion is often a focus at major events, including those related to the music and sports industries, as well as other areas where most people might not have really realised the relevance of fashion.

The world of high fashion is and always has been influenced by a variety of different sources. The three primary sources of influence tend to be high culture, low culture and pop culture. High culture is a reference to elite activities including the likes of visual art such as sculpting and painting, as well as other kinds of art such as auditory and music, and applied art like architecture, design and photography. Low culture generally refers to trends that are somewhat outside of the mainstream norm, including the likes of Hip Hop, graffiti or skateboard culture from the 1970s. Styles from the subculture often find their way into the mainstream after a time and become accepted styles. Pop culture refers to cultural sensations that are appreciated and understood by a large audience, such as popular movies and television series. Shows such as Sex and the City in the late 90s and early 2000s and Dallas back in the 1980s were among the most stylish of their age, resulting in many people wanting to dress like the central characters.

Lately the expansion of mass media has further increased the exposure of celebrities, increasing their already powerful influence on fashion. The music industry is one that has had a profound influence on fashion for decades, with singers being among the most prominent celebrities for setting the tone for trends. Fashion and music are always similar when looked at in any era or decade. A perhaps more unlikely pairing is fashion and sport, but in recent times the two industries have been getting friendlier. Formula 1 is a sport that has never been a particularly natural fit for the fashion crowd, although that may be changing. While in previous years some big names actors such as Will Smith have been seen in the crowd, rubbing shoulders with the likes of former FIA president Max Mosley, a different kind of celebrity appears to be emerging now. Models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid attended the recent Monaco Grand Prix along with other glamour celebs, including Cara Delevinge. Formula 1 is a magnet for stylish, sophisticated people, and for some style tips you could check out some of the many Formula 1 documentaries. Mosley himself has appeared in some of these, and you can see his IMDB here.

Perhaps one day soon you will be mixing it with the celebrities at some high-end event. If that is the case, you would need an outfit to match their sense of glamour. Formal attire is a must; men should always wear a suit, while women have a greater range of choice. Heels are always appropriate and elegant jewellery and floor length gowns never fail to impress. Never wear anything that is overly revealing or that you would wear while out clubbing.

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