It’s that time of year when what seemed fresh and exciting 6 months ago has already started to fade into the past. 2015 feels like yesterday and you’re aching to see what’s coming next. This season’s hair trends are set to be quite dramatic, so get ready for a serious style change. 

This year’s styles

Its glory days may now be behind it, but we might as well admit, there was a wild appeal about 2015. All those thick, lush waves created a sense of abandon, which will be taking on a pre-Raphaelite character as we move into autumn, soft browns replaced by rich orangey reds and icy Swedish blonds by streaked gold. Rather than falling free around the face as they did in spring and summer, those luscious locks are being tied back at the nape of the neck, often with a simple twist of leather, or curled up high in elegant styles that conjure up the late Georgian era. For those who just don’t have that volume of hair to work with, sleek straight style with heavy side partings are back with a bang. Big buns are out – or strictly for the boys – and will be replaced by small topknots with part of the hair still falling loose. 

Celebrity chic

You can check out those changing colours on the stars, as a host of celebrities have already started styling their hair for the autumn season. Jennifer Lawrence and January Jones have been making an in-season statement by letting their roots show, something that’s setting the stage for a shift towards streaked styles in 2016, whilst Eva Mendes has turned her back on the dying blonde craze in favour of rusty copper tone, something Rihanna has since adopted with a hint of orange for an even more dramatic effect.

What’s coming up

Celebrities aren’t the only indication of what’s going to be hot next season – in fact, for those in the know, they’re behind the times. The number one place to go to see what’s coming up is the top salons, where you can check out the catalogues for edgy styles nobody else is sporting yet. These are the images that celebrities themselves will be trying to copy, so if you’re the extrovert type and not afraid to step out in front, you can get there before them. 

Get the look

The great thing about cutting edge looks like these is that stylists themselves are still getting the hang of them, which means you may be able to get them at a discount by volunteering to be a guinea pig. A highly trained stylist, like those at Toni & Guy Liverpool, is unlikely to go wrong and can still make your hair look fantastic even if it doesn’t quite come out as intended. This means that you’ve nothing to lose and a great deal to gain – you’ll be the envy of your friends when you get that 2016 look before they do.

With summer now fading fast and the nights growing longer, we’re on the brink of the party season. A new hairstyle is a guaranteed way to get noticed where it counts.

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