The world of sport and fashion used to be completely separate. Sports clothing was basic and functional, whilst fashion was seen as sophisticated and perhaps frivolous. However, over the year’s people have become more concerned with health issues, and nowadays many people take part in exercise to maintain their health, lose weight or simply because they enjoy sporting activities. Women’s sport is also becoming more popular, with women taking part in sports that were once the preserve of men.

Changes have also been occurring in the world of fashion. For the average person who was not an athlete, sports clothing was mainly about loose baggy trousers and large t-shirts, but now people want clothing that is both comfortable and fashionable. People who are not taking part in sporting activities now wear many items of sports clothing and footwear on a casual basis, such as trainers. In fact, some sports labels have become so popular that their brands are highly sought after by many people.

Sports clothing has also become much more sophisticated. New materials and designs have created garments that keep people cool while they exercise and wick away sweat. As knowledge about the human body has improved and sports have become high-tech, there are items of clothing that are not only fashionable, but can also help with either easing or preventing sports injuries. Compression garments such as camisoles can help to relieve joint and muscle soreness. Compression promotes blood circulation, which may help ease inflammation. Visit websites such as to find workout clothes for women that is both comfortable and stylish. Despite being designed to help with muscle soreness and back pain, the clothes are fashionable enough to wear during the day or even in the evening.

These new fabrics are also making their way into fashion brands that are heavily influenced by sports. Gone are the baggy pants and slouchy t-shirts, to be replaced with luxurious fabrics and stylish outlines. On the catwalks, you can see basketball shorts and track pants in sumptuous fabrics and bold patterns. The hoodie, that staple of sports clothing, has been given a sophisticated twist. Hoodies are being worn under flowing dresses or a tailored blazer with boots for contrast. Mesh, which is often used in sports clothing to allow the body to breath, is being teamed up with dungarees for a laid back look or as a blouson over a fitted dress.

Many celebrities such as Jamie Chung and Katy Perry can also be seen wearing sportswear around town. Of course, these celebrities are not wearing cheap badly made brands; like most people, they may like casual clothing, but they still want their clothes to be well made. So they are going for what has become known as luxury sportswear. This shift can also be seen in the industry as brands collaborate, for example Raf Simons for Adidas. This can be beneficial to both, with lower-priced brands becoming more stylish and luxury brands producing more edgy designs by taking on young contemporary designers.

Some fashion brands are not following the trend, but the more casual approach to fashion and the popularity of sportswear looks set to continue.

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