Zac Posen’s show for me was disappointing to say the least; don’t get me wrong there was some nice detailing on some of the pieces like the structured hips on the satin gown and the… but overall it just was not anything to write home about. The was no WOW factor, it was just so dated in the most boring way possible; I wouldn’t even want to call the aesthetic Vintage because the word vintage is gives off the idea that it should be coveted – this collection is not. Highlights of the show were the shoes (loved the shape and style, not really one for satin shoes after Travis ruined Cher’s at the Val party); the shades (love the cat eye shape); the ivory mid-length tulle dress, the ivory gown, a black jumpsuit (that needs to be styled correctly), the jade silk taffeta gown, and of course the SUPERMODELS!

It’s almost as though he finished his collection, saw it through new eyes, panicked and said “Right, we need to pull out all the stops for this get Naomi, Coco, Erin…!!!” Not even the Supers could make the collection look good, although it was nice to see them, but would have been better to see them dressed head to toe in fierceness! I don’t know maybe we’ll see Kirsten Dunst in one of the floral dresses at a press junkit; or maybe Kate Bosworth might do him a favour and wear something; and we probably will see a gown or two float the red carpet during award season.

I’d love to hear what you think of this collection, yay or nay?

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