If you read my #From10StepsTo10K post, you’ll know that I’ve taken up the challenge to run in the Nike Women’s 10KM London on Sunday 21st June along with 9,999 other women. We’ll be taking over Victoria Park as part of the world’s largest ever Race Series, which will see runs taking place in 20 cities across the globe, from Hong Kong to Toronto.

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To inspire us to cross the finish line, Nike has collaborated with iconic London jewellery designer Alex Monroe to create a bespoke finisher’s necklace. The necklace will be presented in an exclusive jewellery box based on the current Nike x Liberty footwear and apparel collaboration.


Alex Monroe explains: “This year I wanted to create a necklace that shows progression, the 2015 event celebrates the amazing achievement of thousands of women pushing themselves harder and faster than ever before. The contemporary wing silhouette conveys the strength and beauty of Nike the Greek goddess, to champion women completing their personal goal. The wing pendant is made up of stacked silver feathers for a pretty and feminine touch, and the long chain makes the necklace easy to wear everyday whatever the occasion. I hope all runners will wear it with pride and keep it forever.”

Visit Nike Women’s Race Series for further details on sign-up and training for the Nike Women’s 10km London, an event that fuses sport, fashion, design and music.

Follow the hashtag #From10Stepsto10K  to follow my progress.

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