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Over the decades, betting on sporting events has become extremely popular. Many people in years gone by used to head to the bricks and mortar betting shops in order to place their bets on one of a wide range of sports, from horseracing through to football, rugby, boxing, and other sporting events. However, over more recent years a new form of betting has fast gained popularity – that of betting on the outcome of certain TV shows.

There are a number of different television shows that have become popular amongst TV show betters. These tend to be reality TV shows where viewers can take bets on various outcomes, such as who will be next to leave the show and, ultimately, who will be the winner. A number of popular betting shows have emerged over the past decade, and some people have won huge sums of money as a result of the bets that they have placed.

Some of the popular TV shows to bet on

One TV show that has become a huge hit amongst TV show betting enthusiasts is Big Brother. With both standard and celebrity versions of this show, viewers have their pick when placing bets on this reality hit show. Betting shops, both physical and online, find themselves inundated with bets, as viewers take their chances on who will be evicted next, who will make it into the finals of the show, and of course who will go on to win Big Brother.

Another hugely popular show amongst viewers who want to place bets via sites such as FlashBitch is The X-Factor. For more than a decade, this music talent show has had millions glued to their screens, as they watch the hilarious auditions stage, the fascinating boot camp stages and then the live shows. Once the live shows roll around, fans take to their computer, mobile devices, or head to betting shops to take bets on who will be voted out and who will go on to win the show.

Considered the rival show to X-Factor, Strictly Come Dancing is another great show to take bets on, and every year many fans start placing bets on who they think will become the winner of this dancing extravaganza. The Voice is another talent show based on musical talent, and many people also have a flutter on the outcome of each season.

These are just some of the hugely popular reality and television shows that have resulted in more and more people becoming interested in betting. These shows have helped to ensure that betting is no longer related to major sporting events and racing but also to light entertainment.

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