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The world of fashion is seeing some exciting new breakthroughs thanks to technology. The age-old problem of mass-producing clothing to fit a number of different body types may soon be a thing of the seemingly archaic past. Here are just a few of the many ways that technology is advancing fashion design. 

3D printing

Some fashion designers are using 3D printers to make garments. Although this technology is quite a way from being practical on a large scale, there are some truly beautiful designs being released by such designers as Iris Van Herpen. 3D printing brings up the possibility of garments being able to be printed on demand to the exact proportions of the intended wearer. This means that getting the wrong size or not being able to find your size would never be a problem again. 

Brand-specific apps

Apps allow designers to collect information from customers so that they can produce clothing that is in demand. They also encourage brand loyalty because it is easy to just click a button and shop at a favourite store. Apps can remember what size you wear and make suggestions based upon your previous purchases or browsing history. Some apps will also allow you to virtually try on outfits. This increases the chances that a customer will be happy with their purchase and eliminates all the waste associated with a high rate of returns and exchanges.

Eco-friendly dyes and processes

Traditional dying processes can use a substantial amount of water. The revolutionary AirDye process has been developed in California to allow textile manufacturers to heat transfer dyes. This can save up to 75 gallons of water per pound of fabrics that are processed. This could mean being able to have textile mills in areas where lack of water is an issue.

Recycled materials

There is a whole new wave of fabrics coming on the market that incorporate recycled materials into their composition. Denim jeans that are made of 25 per cent recycled plastic or even beer bottles are now being sold. Finding ways to reuse materials reduces the waste created by the fashion industry. Now, if a trend changes and you don’t want to wear something anymore, you don’t have to feel quite so bad about discarding it.

Keeping up with the latest fashion technology means you know about fashion trends sooner

Fashion technology is becoming a larger part of the fashion scene, but many fashion enthusiasts don’t quite realise that yet. You can stay up to date in the technology world by reading the latest tech news online. It will be well worth it when you are the first of your friends to sport the latest style.

The future of fashion technology

There are many designers working on making the fashion industry a world of mass customisation. One day, you might go into a store, get your body scanned, and walk out with a custom-fitted wardrobe that is great for the environment and produced at an economical cost.

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