JESSICA-ALBA-RIMOWA If you want great looking luggage that will make you feel special and glamorous when you travel, no matter how exhausted you may be, then it always pays to take inspiration from the stars. Celebrities’ lives may seem exciting, but they do tend to spend a lot of time travelling, and this means they need great quality luggage that can protect their all important clothes as they fly from coast to coast or country to country to promote their movies, perform on stage, or appear on TV interviews.

Rimowa is a luggage brand that has a lot of associations with celebrity, and as a supplier of luggage to stars of all ages, they take inspiration from what their A list customers want and need when they are designing their latest ranges. Here we look at some of Rimowa’s best known celebrity muses:

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is a very big fan of Rimowa luggage, and has been photographed not only using her Rimowa cases but also attending Rimowa store openings. Her passion for the brand makes her a great ambassador for Rimowa, because Alba represents not just a beautiful, stylish and successful actress, but also a mother. While she may be best known for her good looks and her appearances in films like Machete and Honey, she is also very much a family woman, and is seen as a great role model. By creating cases that are perfect for Jessica Alba, Rimowa can tune into what women on the go who also want to look effortlessly glamorous, sexy and stylish want.

Jason Statham

British actor Jason Statham may be best known for playing the hard man in action roles, such as in the Transporter series, however in real life he is a really nice guy! He is also keen on Rimowa’s aluminium luggage and has been photographed with it on several occasions when crossing the Atlantic from his native London to Hollywood where he works. Jason Statham is a great brand ambassador because he shows that the Rimowa brand can be rugged, tough and utilitarian, and that it definitely isn’t a brand that is just for glamorous women! Statham is seen as an actor other men want to be like, so he makes for a great muse for Rimowa in appealing to the male luggage market.

Willem Dafoe

When it comes to actors with credibility and prestige, Willem Dafoe has it in droves, and is a major star with a list of roles far too long to name! What he adds as a Rimowa fan is the approval of an older generation of celebrity. While both Jessica Alba and Jason Statham are in their 30’s, Dafoe shows that this is not a hip fashion brand for young people but a brand with integrity and sophistication. Rimowa cases are built to last, not to be discarded for another fashion trend after a few years.

These are just three of the stars that love Rimowa, and contribute to the identity of this terrific luggage brand.

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