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If you were asked what the most mentioned brand was on Sex and the City, what would you say? We all shouted “Manolo Blahnik of course! Duh!!!” Well, artist Pierre Buttin has created a video montage of all the brand plugs in the well loved iconic series and revealed the top ten brand mentions which are:

1. Vogue (36 times)
2. Martini (34 times)
3. Yankees (26 times)
4. Knicks (25 times)
5. New York Times (24 times)
6. Manolo Blahnik (16 times)
7. Dolce & Gabbana (15 times)
8. Prada, Post-it (14 times each)
9. Chanel (13 times)
10. Gucci (12 times)

Carrie did say Vogue fed her more, which should explain the mag taking the top spot. Top fashion mention was of course Manolo Blahnik which was beaten out by Martini, Yankees, Knicks, and the New York Times!

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