Are you one of those people that sees everything when you’re just “window shopping” (broke), but when you have some serious coin to spend or you actually need something (for an occasion or a new coat for Autumn) you can’t find a thing?  Used to happen all the time, if you love in shopping for fashion as much as we do, you’ll love the Farfetch Boutique Finder.

As much as online stores try to make online shopping easy with their built in filters and cool seasonal edits, online shopping can quickly turn into somewhat of a mundane task.

This Boutique Finder makes online shopping effortless because the nifty gadget is able to deliver personalised shopping results for men and women, directing you to the best boutiques that stock all of your most favoured styles and brands.

The widget is pretty self explanatory; start by picking your gender (male/female); then the look which best describes you (or the you, you want to be that day); choose the item you want to shop for; then your top designer (from the list provided); et voila, the recommended boutiques pop up!

Our favourite thing about it, the illustrations, they’re fresh, modern and directional (it’s the little things that get us).  We’ve been playing with it for a few days now and love the things it’s throwing our way!

Shop Boutiques at Farfetch

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