With summer fast approaching, having the right beauty products on hand is essential to tame frizzy hair, protect and moisturize skin, and leave you glowing and refreshed, even in the most extreme conditions. Read on to discover our top tips to beat the heat!


Your best summer skin.

Exfoliation and moisturising are key to maintaining smooth, glowy skin this summer. Make sure to slough away dry winter skin with a loofah, or a body scrub. You can even make your own with sugar granules and olive oil, or salt and oil. Use natural ingredients; your skin will absorb everything you put on it, so natural and organic are the best choices for your skin. After you’ve buffed and polished, moisturize your skin, head to toe. In the summer, a gel formation, especially a cream or gel that contains aloe vera will soothe and calm skin that is prone to sunburns and heat rashes. If you are looking for a gorgeous glow but want to stay out of the sun, a self tanner will gradually darken your skin for a sun-kissed gleam! Apply bronzer to all the areas of your face and body that the sun would naturally hit it for natural looking summertime enhancement!

Protect yourself!

Pick a moisturizer for your body and face that contains sunscreen. There are so many options available, from spray on SPF, to creams and lotions that block harmful rays from the sun. Find a sunscreen that can work for all skin types and that has been allergy tested, because you never know who might need some a squeeze of your sunscreen while at the beach or out and about in the summer sun.

Keep it fresh!

It’s going to be warm out there, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t remain smelling fresh and clean! Pick an underarm deodorant that has motion sense. This will keep you fresh and clean even when you are working out in the heat, no matter how much motion you put your body through. Opt for a two-in-one water based fragrance or toner  that you can spritz on your skin and body to cleanse, tone and revitalize.

Protect your locks!


It’s vital to protect your hair in the summertime. Hair can easily be scorched by the sun’s UVB rays too. The sun can be just as ruthless on your hair as it can your skin, not to mention that chlorine, sea-salt and dry summer winds can be extremely damaging. Choose a nourishing oil serum to slather on just-out-of the pool locks. Also, try to keep your scalp as clean as possible by using an organic shampoo or conditioner. There are several special shampoos and conditioners on the market used by professional swimmers that gently strip away chlorine and chemicals that can build up in the summertime.

Face it!

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with lighter skin gels and serums as opposed to thicker creams. It is also the perfect time to try on new, sheer tinted foundations instead of heavier cover-ups and concealers. A light tinted foundation with SPF is the ideal choice for summer days. After all, who wants to spend too much time in front of the mirror when the gleaming water beckons! Color stains for your lips are perfect in the summer, especially when you’re sweating a lot, and drinking more liquids. Don’t forget to apply a balm with sunscreen over your color stain to prevent the delicate lip area. Enhance your peepers with waterproof mascara, use an eye-cream with SPF, and sport your summer shades to protect your eyes!

Gwen Lewis is a journalist who is passionate about makeup, skincare, and beauty. She loves to write and give tips from her experience in the industry. With the summer heat around the corner make sure you have all your beauty essentials purchased and ready to go!

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