The frightening aspect of a wedding is when the bride’s head is overturned completely by the assumption that her special day is a tribute to her guests which demands a financial reward from them all! Watch out for these signs and then steer yourself back on track:

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The Blind Bridezilla thinking that it all revolves around her

Her self-indulgence is so blind that she overlooks the fact that her guests are present because it would be too rude not to as they probably would have preferred going all together to the pub or at home watching some sports/film on the television with a drink and pizza. Of course, your guests want to be there on your big day, but your inner princess releasing herself? Not a pretty sight! And the free buffet does help as well…

The  Oblivious Bridezilla should come down to earth with some home truths

Actually, the fact of the matter is that the wedding day is the same merry-go round of clichés even though she has done her best to make it different: from the white dress (which never seems easy for you, but we find  Wedding dress site directories to be a great help), the “awww” when the priest gets to the question we all know and the slicing of the great cake. All this is crafted and designed for the dear bride (and to a lesser extent the groom) and NOT the attendees. Of course, these are traditions and not all of them are bad but the danger occurs when the bride forgets this. The result? Another fairytale affair of a once sane lady now turned a tad self-absorbed in hours/weeks/months of attention. It is not possible to expect the guests to pay for these extravagances.

Starting with the Bridezilla’s hen night and the groom’s stag night then the wedding destination

When the occasion arises, the hen night can be the highlight of the bridemaid’s wedding experience. However, if your friends cannot afford the weekend at the most luxurious spa or in Las Vegas for a party that will see £2000 disappear in a flash, she may hold a grudge, the type that lasts years. Add to this the wedding destination in Spain or Thailand, a holiday that they probably haven’t budgeted for yet are obliged to somehow pay for, and you have a fair few disgruntled guests…

Bridezilla/groom and the greed syndrome that crushes all friendships

The wedding list from utter hell: this can be one of the strangest lists you will have to make and your guests will have to read. Everything from spoons to furnishing might be on that list and the guest doesn’t want to be left with a high ticketed item. While the bride  flaunts her princess outfit, you’re left with a forced grin of the china ornaments you had to buy to decorate the newly-weds first home together.

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