Sometimes less if more. When it comes to delicate jewellery, there are so many options it can feel a little overwhelming. 

Delicate jewellery has also been a classic, but it has been everywhere over the last few years. It is entirely understated, and only a trained eye can spot the difference between a high-end ultralight chain and one from a high street chain. 

Of course, when there are rules in fashion, it’s essential to know how and when to break them. Here are some ‘rules’ for wearing delicate jewellery. 

Statement pieces will always be in vogue; something is incredible about a geometric block colour chain or ring. 

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Even if you have a range of piercings the length of your ear, you can still indulge in the delicate earring trend. 

Even if you have a single piercing – or no piercing at all, it is still possible. Ear cuffs with thin chains, or those that snake up the ears like ivy, catch the light in all the right places. 

The key to creating a beautiful stripped-back ear adornment is sticking to classic shapes and lightness. 


The stacking ring trend is never going to go away. There are many ways to pull off this look, from chunky biker style rings to bright bubble-gum colours. 

Ultra-thin bands, stacks on various fingers at different heights add so much interest. You can stack the same fingers on each hand or mix it up with different styles and sizes. 

What makes ring stacking a lot of fun is that you can also mix high-end rings with budget choices. The ultimate guide to dress rings will help you choose the right ring for your new stack. 

The rule to ring stacking is to make sure that some of your fingers aren’t as stacked as others. The negative space is what makes the rest of the rings so interesting – and delicate. 


Stacks of necklaces or a single gossamer-light chain both look incredible. When stacking chains, the most important thing to remember is the length. If all the chains sit at the same height, they will quickly get tangled – and look a little awkward. 

Start by grabbing your longest chain and your shortest one, put them on, and then look at the space you have left to play with. 

Try a few different styles, and tones too. Play with golds and silvers or a rose gold tone. If you want to add an extra layer of interest, black chains can be stunning and just as delicate – but with an edge. 

One of the most popular options right now is the start-sign pendants or long plain chains. 

You can also purchase a faux stack which means you won’t have to spend time stacking – it’s done for you! Nice and easy :). 

Keeping your jewellery delicate but eye-catching takes a little bit of balance and some careful planning. But once you master it, stacking, ear cuffs, and more will be quick and effortless. 

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