British lingerie brand Triumph have already solved one of women’s biggest niggles with their newest innovation Magic Wire, or as we like to call it “the unicorn bra“.  Now they’ve made it their mission to find out what the nation’s biggest niggles are, with bad manners and telemarketing calls topping the list; the biggest question is, what bra will solve these problems?

·         People with bad manners and telemarketing calls named the nation’s biggest daily niggle

·         Bras digging, missing the train or bus and not having enough time are top niggles for women in the UK everyday

·         30% of women make a cup of tea or count to 10 to calm down

·         The average woman is niggled six times a day

Bras digging in, men leaving the toilet seat up and not being able to find things in your handbag are among the top annoying ‘niggles’ that women face on a daily basis.

A survey of 2,000 women revealed that on average females experience at least six annoying niggles on a daily basis, including manners (45%), toilet etiquette (31%), ill-fitting lingerie (38%), bad traffic and travel delays (31%) all filling the top 10 of life’s daily annoyances.

The research, for Triumph lingerie, also showed that more than half (59%) of women actively seek help to overcome their daily niggles, with talking to a friend the most popular thing to do (41%). Others resort to visiting online forums for advice (16%), reading features or problem pages in magazines (12%) and self-help books (6%).

The research marks the launch of Triumph’s new innovative Magic Wire bra which offers a solution to the digging in feeling often associated with uncomfortable underwired bras.

“It’s no surprise a bra digging in comes up as one of women’s top niggles. Having spoken to women all over the world about their key hopes of their lingerie, we wanted to tackle various recurring issues head on, and create our most comfortable and supportive bra yet. “

“As this research shows, women want solutions to the niggles they face on a daily basis and our new Magic Wire silicone technology does just that – where the innovation centres around a little piece of silicone in place of a wire providing a great fit and uplift.”

Triumph has also launched a new #Nigglefix campaign, a platform to enable women to share those things that frustrate them on a day-to-day basis and share any top tips on combatting them. The campaign focuses on empowering women to come together and collectively help each other find fixes for their niggles.

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