Trade long flowing hair with a headscarf and rock your biggest hooped earrings’ and uncover your inner gypsy!

Be free this summer and let your clothes flow against your skin. 2011s pending summer reinvention of the traditional Gypsy style has commenced, making a comeback as beautiful Bohemian, bringing a more laid back vibe to this year’s summer.

With warm colours like oranges, passion fruit pinks, soft reds and browns or pure colours such as white. The Gypsy look first became fashionable in the hippy error of the seventies where peace and love ruled the world along with flower power and burning incense. Leave behind tight body con attire and model long, sweeping skirts and ruffles.

The Gypsy style is perfect for the summer/spring season. It is cool and smooth for those hot summer days and isn’t so complicated to put together a fashionable look. Everyone seems to love this innovative style from top designer labels such as Chanel, Paul & Joe and D&G to our favourite high street fashion stores like Top shop, River Island and Mango. Whether you’re strapped for cash or have money to splash any passionate fashionista can get hold of affordable or designer gypsy style apparel and accessories to add to their wardrobes.

As well as celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens, who teams up an oversized hat with a long loose shirt and waist belt to create her gypsy inspired style, models on the runway are too donning Gypsy-like trends such as the flare trouser, lengthy or ruffled skirt and printed Maxi dresses The flower power trend is still keeping its mark in fashion and has been spotted mostly in every designers’ collection for spring/summer 2011.

Funky patterned maxi dresses will do you justice teamed up with nude head pieces from Salvatore Ferragamo’s collection and plain hooped earrings ensuring that the look does not become over whelming to the eye with too many prints and patterns going on at once. Flared trousers will go well with a plain white shirt and a slim belt. Although the style is quite versatile and easy to wear be warned pilling on every bangle you can find and mixing and matching to many different patterns can lead to disaster and create a disastrous patter and colour clash. Keep it simple and all will be well.

Long flowing locks go well with the romantic gypsy look either down and out or to the side in a chunky loose plait, adding to the softness of the appearance however a cute pixie cut could also be donned to compliment the style.


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