I’ve long been a fan of Christian Dior, its one of my favourite fashion houses to watch in awe. I was so pissed at John Galliano for what he did which led to his dismissal from Dior, I always looked forward to all of his collections. Well now I can get over it! Raf Simons delivered a wonderfully chic vision for the fashion houses AW12 Couture collection. He took elements from the New Look of 1947 65 years ago and made it newer for 2012! There were so many personal faves from this collection the tip of the iceberg are the orange and check strapless dress, the red T with full skirt, the red coat dress, the gold belts, the lack sleeveless coat dress, the strapless peplum tops, the…

What are your faves?

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1 comment on “COUTURE: CHRISTIAN DIOR AW 12”

  1. run

    are you serious – this was so under standard both for dior and raf.
    should never have been shown.
    hardly a collection – just range of items – often badly fitted and without any vision

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