FAREWELL 2015 1At the top of the year I wrote a post listing things I wanted to change/do this year.  2015 has been a really fun and fulfilling year, I’ve been non-stop, learned a lot, and grown a hell of a lot!  I re-read my post from the beginning of the year and there’s only one thing I didn’t fully accomplish.

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1. Love Myself

“No, I’m not going to become a narcissist, well actually that might just happen!  Primarily what I mean by loving myself is, taking better care of my fitness, health and wellbeing, getting an adequate amount of sleep, learning when to stop and not running myself into the ground.  Having more confidence and not giving a f*** is also part of this whole loving myself thing.”

I am definitely more confident in myself since I wrote this in January; no affirmations or anything like that, just progression and realisations about me and the way I tick and why.  On the fitness side, I trained for and ran a Nike 10k in June!  Never ran before, EVER!!! The sleeping thing is still an issue at times, but I’m working on it.

2. Get Up Earlier

“Getting out of bed is literally one of the hardest things for me; I will be getting up earlier to get the most out of my day.”

Still trés dificile, however, I have managed to start my days earlier and get shit done!

3. Maximise My Day

“Opening up my day with Yoga, a good stretch and positive vibes.  This will definitely wake me up properly and give me the energy to scratch more off my ‘to do list’.”

I kick started the year with morning Yoga, then I was asked to take part in the 10k run with Nike.  So I created my positive vibes in a different way.  I incorporated Yoga, and Insanity in my training also.

4. Travel More

“A good beach vaycay, and small city breaks; I want to see more of the world I live in.”

I’m pissed at this one, I never saw a beach in 2015!  And that’s not for the want of trying; we booked to go to Turkey and were advised not to go due to terrorist threats after the shooting in Tunisia.  So aside from travelling back and forth to London and a weekend in Manchester – there’s been zero travel in 2015.

This will change in 2016!!!

5. Look After My Skin

“I’ve never really thought of looking after my skin in a particular way i.e. routines, etc.  I’ve never really had to.  Now I’m thinking about preserving my skin to keep looking younger, longer.  Drinking more water, skin routines, remedies, lotions and potions and all that jazz.  Finding out what’s right for me.”

This one is a little cray to me; I wrote this, then the following month I started working with an anti-aging skin care company!  I’ve learned so much about skin concerns, how to treat them, and how to keep your skin wonderful for-almost-ever.

6. Nurture My Hair

“It can be really easy for me to forget to put some TLC into my hair, I’m so busy, and sometimes it’s a lot.  However if I want to be back to nipple length by June I’m gonna need to plough the love into my tresses by the bucket load.  Deep conditioning once a week, co-washing once/twice a week, drinking gallons of water, tying it back more than leaving it out – to preserve my ends and prevent split ends.  No heat til June 2015 earliest!”

The TLC for the hair is there, and I have been tying it back more than doing the cute wash’n’gos.  However, nipple length took a little longer than June.  I started braiding it in two lil frenchies quite regularly in the summer, and I noticed a lil growth spurt.  I have since done another DIY Deva Cut which I did in July and am now just past nipple length.  Oh and I haven’t used any heat in over a year!

7. Perfect My Crafts

“Get even better at what I do.”

Everyday my friend, every day!


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