As I’ve been focusing on this whole ‘Get Fit for 2012’ thing I thought it only right to incorporate a massage here and there as in the beginning I had said I wanted to de-stress and relax more to release some tension. I got in touch with London based massage therapist L’Equateur aka Remi to discuss the many causes and effects of stress; and how the benefits of Holistic Massage can help to relieve these.

“In this day in age we as modern humans are exposed to many factors which become the direct source of stress! This could be a combination of mental and physical stress, either way they can result in harmful consequences to the body some of which are tiredness, fatigue, disease, illness, depression, insomnia, ache/pain and many more. Massage aims and has a proven track record to alleviate these effects and restore balance and wellbeing, this practice and philosophy goes back to our ancient ancestors who were more in tune with nature and earth! We always remember and find time to do things that are bad for our bodies (drinking every weekend, cigarette breaks) why not remember and find time to do the things that are good us!!!”

I wanted to experience the massage for myself, to see if the proof was in the pudding. I had a holistic massage, ‘Holistic’ meaning ‘whole’ the masseur looks at you as a whole not just to treat
symptoms but look at the cause of them, your lifestyle, physical and mental state and try to prevent them long term. The massage consisted of Swedish massage strokes developed by Per Henrik Ling designed to relax the muscles and restore natural flow of the body system, guaranteed to leave you feeling in total bliss! And I was in fact left in total bliss, I didn’t want to leave the couch! Ive had massages before, all by women though, this was the best by far; was it because the pressure from a man’s hands is far more effective than that of a woman’s, or was it that he’s just that damn good at his job? I think it was a combination of both, see for yourself! I’d recommend L’Equateur to anybody I talk to and so far I have!!! Try it at least once and you’ll be hooked!

For a limited time only L’Equateur is offering a special promotion of a 60 minute full body massage for just £40!!! Contact L’Equateur via email at

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