Last Thursday we (bloggers on the Glam network) were invited to the new Glam Media office, to see the amazing new space and to meet everyone else on the network.I met some great people, some I knew some I didn’t…

I met the people behind Style Shake, you can go online and choose each element of your dress, have it made here in the UK and shipped within 10 days!

Marian Kihogo and Kristen – The Clothes Whisperer concentrates on fashion, beauty, music and art. She also has a Style Diary devoted to the editor’s personal style.

I’m sure most of you already know of The Clothes Whisperer, the academic turned fashionista, New Yorker turned Londoner, her blog is all about style and stories.

The Very Simon G with Butters the Pom and his pup Dhillon

The Very Simon G has a fierce eye for fashion, he’s also known as ‘King of the High St’

I also met a white ARETHA, her mum was obsessed with Aretha Franklin. She has a site called Dare 2 Magazine, an Eco-chic fashion lifestyle zine.

Charlotte from Style Cartel (in her Alexander Wang heels!) and Adrian from Snappy Lifestyle

Style Cartel blog-zine reports on fashion and beauty trends, and everything they think is cool around the world.

Snappy Lifestyle is a cool site showing photography and fashion

Bert and Harry from Yorkshire Pearl (they’ll be showing at LFW in September!)

Lira Leirner is a stylist/designer

Michael aka Duck (centre) from Anastasia & Duck, he collects images and stories from around the world!

And last but by no means least, Leigh from Style Canteen. She thinks her boobs look big in this pic

silk base wigs

Her blog Style Canteen feeds you everything from fashion, beauty and music

On leaving Glam I was given a goodie bag, I love those, this one I was very pleased with…

I LOVE scented candles and stationery so this bag was perfect for me! The candle is SOUL from Apothia and smells gorgeous “a zingy concoction of warm Mahogany Wood with sharp spicy Ginger and Grains of Paradise, creating a unique masculine atmosphere: sensual and stimulating at the same time”

Apothia candles are made using a unique wax formulation and high concentration of essences. Their ‘Illuminating Cream’ is an innovative, luxurious, soft blend of soy, palm and paraffin wax, resulting in a texture similar to solid perfume.

The notebook is from, the title is perfect for me, the pages look like cream leather! I’m scared to write in it, it’s so nice I don’t want to ruin it.

Over and out

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  1. leigh odimah

    oh my gooooodness..(blushing.. lol!) you went there .. ! ok.. it’s on baby girl! LOL ..


    ps.. I dont remember this picture being taken !?

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