Freak Deluxe met up with creators/owners of Mixed Chicks Wendi and Kim at the Black Hair & Beauty Show 2010 earlier this year (I just wanna say, after watching Good Hair, I was highly disappointed by the ‘show’! Where were the theatricals, the dancers, the outrageous clothes?)

Fed up with mixing and blending Afro and European hair products together to tame their mass of curls, they decided to come up with their own brand of hair products for Mixed Chicks by Mixed Chicks. It’s a curly revolution.

Whether you’re black, white, Asian, Mediterranean or any glorious combination you will love Mixed Chicks, the lightweight products leave your hair divine and lock moisture into every curl, works on natural hair and even weaves!

For years it has been hard for multi-cultural women to manage their locks to get a curl, so Wendi Levy and Kim Etheredge created a product line to get rid of these troubles. They started off giving their products to family members and friends and soon they had a full blown business, now bringing their products to the world!

I managed to get hold of the range and it’s wonderful! Your hair feels amazing during and after washing, and curls are defined in a big way.

Mixed Chicks Range:

Gentle Clarifying Shampoo – Enriched with borage seeds, avocado oil and panthenol for healing and luster.  getting locks squeaky clean!

Detangling Deep Conditioner – nourishes and detangles thirsty locks with Mixed Chicks exclusive conditioning blend, which reconstructs damaged areas, transforming thick hair into easy to maintain tresses enriched with safflower oil.

Leave-In Conditioner – Curl defining formula designed for all hair types that have frizz and unruly curls. Use this product to: tame frizz and define curls for many hair textures and also weaves.

Gloss, Shine and Thermal Protection- Ever wonder how to get your hair silky sparkling? Mixed Chicks Hair Silk makes you and your hair vibrant with a light reflecting formula that gives your hair that added shine and prevents fly-away and split-ends. Product excellent for curly and straight looking hair

Mixed Chick haven’t left the men out, they have a mens range called HIS. Essentially the same products, just in more masculine bottles. For some strange reason men have a problem using products if it doesn’t cater specifically to them.

So far Mixed Chicks is available in England and Wales. For more information on Mixed Chicks products and stockists visit the website

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