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New Balance are ever evolving, and dropping new colour-ways and concepts.  Dropping in February is an update on the popular classic silhouette, the 576.

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The new, New Balance 576 comes in two neutral colours for both men and women, meaning you can pair them with pretty much anything in your wardrobe; and they’re made right here in the UK.

When the now iconic 576 shoe first made its debut appearance in the late ‘80s, it was used as a technical running shoe and still features the same running technology today.  Born as a result of excess stock from the 675 sole unit being given to a designer in the Boston office; the craftsman altered the materials and colours of the upper and created the timeless gem that we know and love today.

As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

New-Balance-M576FC W576FB W576FC

The M576FC, M576FB, W576FC and W576FB will be released in February and available to buy from, Size? and Offspring for £120.

Personally I think I’d go for the men’s black, women’s ‘greige’.

What colour / style would you go for? (men’s are top two, women’s are bottom two).

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2 comments on “THE NEW, NEW BALANCE 576”

  1. Sam

    I think I would definitely go for the black pair! Too much of a black trainer lover to be converted I think!
    Sam xx

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