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This Christmas I was asked to take part in a blogger Secret Santa, always fun right?  I received my gift just before the big day which was perfect timing!  Whoever the blogger was got some part of my style right in this gift – I’m a huge lover of black and rose gold.

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We had to use the Doddle service, I’d seen the name banded around and funnily enough the branding was already in my head but I didn’t actually know what it was or what it was used for.

Turns out, Doddle is a packaging and delivery service; they insure your goods up to £100 and also offer a next day service.  As I live in Birmingham, I had to take my gift to a Doddle store, which isn’t dissimilar to going to a Post Office, only Doddle package the gift for you.

There is also an option to have them pick up the item from you by using the Doddle Runner App; I couldn’t use that because it’s only for people based in London.

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