In my 2015 post I told you that one of my changes this year would be to look after my skin. In a bid to revitalise it and keep it looking young and dewy I’ve made a decision to undergo some skin therapy, I’ve got some new products and I’m maintaining a routine.

As I said before, I’ve never had a skin regimen, never saw the need (personally). Now I’m over the hump of 30, I think it’s high time I started preserving my skin; prevention is better than cure after all!

See my new products and regimen after the jump!


Just before Christmas I started using a Thai brand called Janjira, and I have to say, so far, so good.  I’m using the basic three-step system of cleanse – tone – moisturise; nothing too strenuous.  I wash my face in the shower with my exfoliating gloves, tone with a cotton wool pad after I’ve dried off, etc, then moisturise my face.

The one thing I do, do, that may differ from you all (I certainly didn’t do this everyday before), is I massage the moisturiser into my skin in a circular motion using my finger tips and the more padded part of my palm so it gets right into the epidermis and doesn’t just sit on top of the skin.  Only for about 30secs or so, it feels so damn good!


The Pomegranate & Acai Facial Cleanser is contains a blend of natural anti-ageing ingredients (Multifruit  BSC, Vitamin E, Mangosteen Extract and Turmeric Extract) that help improve and brighten skin tone.

The Therapy Toner (alcohol free) effectively removes dead cells and dirt; Mushroom extract helps to reduce the appearance of pores.  The Sodium Hyaluronate provides hydration by maintaining skins moisture balance, and a combination of essential oils keep the skin supple and radiant.

The Argan Oil Facial Moisturiser helps retain hydration in the skin.  While multi-natural ingredients – Triphala Extract, Turmeric Root Extract and Rosa Multiflora Fruit Extract provide moisturizing properties, improve skin condition and protect your skin from early signs of ageing.  You should also know that this is currently on sale!

Do you have a skin regimen that you stick to? If so, what is it?


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