Opening the door to a heavy box, that made me wonder whether I was getting a new keyboard that I hadn’t ordered, and unwrapping it to find a dozen bottles of Glaceau VitaminWater’s latest release was quite the surprise.

I had literally received a box full of Sunshine! You know when you or someone else is going on holiday to a really hot destination, or at least somewhere with better weather than England (not difficult) and at least one person has to say “bring me back some sunshine in a bottle” or something to that effect. Well, GVW are giving us what we’ve all been asking for, only it’s the vitamins from the sunshine rather than the sunshine itself.

This is great news, I guess not as great as actual sunshine in a bottle (which in real life might not be that safe, could cause blindness and severe burns), however it means we get the vitamin-d we need from the sun even though we may not see it that much this year.

The vitamin-d enriched drink with it’s summery citrus-guava taste is available in supermarkets and all good independent stores from this month, from £1.49.

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