Hot Trends for Cold Weather

If you live where winter is really freezing, you’ve faced the challenge of trying to stay warm while still looking stylish. The good news is, frigid weather doesn’t have to mean sacrificing fashion. New winter designs are created each year to suit every style. The dilemma of looking hot when the temperature’s cold can be solved with a little planning. Let’s talk about what to choose and what to lose this winter.


The Coat Comes First

A coat is your most costly winter wardrobe necessity, so make yours the foundation of your look. Unless your budget is unlimited, you’ll want to choose one that’s versatile. Luckily, this winter’s trends are just that. What’s hot? Faux fur, in any style from cropped jackets to full length is worn with everything from jeans to evening wear. The military look is big with classic pea coats in camel or navy, mid-length coats with brass buttons, and long military overcoat styles. If you own a classic camel coat, lucky you, they’re making a comeback this winter. If you’re getting more than one coat, make one a bright color in leather or wool. That bold splash of color is another great fashion statement this year.


These Boots Are Made For Wearing

In cold climates, boots are not just fashion, they’re a necessity. They can be a major expenditure, too, so choose boots that are warm, stylish, and can adapt to several outfits. Ankle boots are a must with jeans and pants, and knee length for skirts and dresses. Consider the coat you’ll be wearing them with, too. What’s trendy? Chunky high heels and stylish wedges are hot right now and much better for ice and snow than stilettos. Always classy and more popular than ever, low-heeled equestrian boots look terrific with the new military-style coats. For warmth buy real leather, not man-made. Many great-looking boots also feature thin insulated linings that add warmth without looking bulky.

What’s not trendy? Peep-toe boots, heavy fur-lined boots.


The Hat Trick

A hat really helps to keep you warm, and makes a great fashion statement, too. Hats are growing more popular every year, and this winter there’s a variety of styles to flatter even the most reluctant hat wearer. What’s your best bet? Fur hats are this year’s major trend. Whether you choose the classic Russian style, or one of the new oversized styles, the fur hat is big in more ways than one. A great look this winter is the cloche hat in wool, velvet or felt with a chic mid-length coat; and the ever popular fedora still goes well with just about anything.

Say good-bye to… floppy hats.


Accessorize to Complete Your Look

If you wear a simple coat, you can accessorize lavishly, while a flashier coat calls for more subdued accessories. On the coldest days, you won’t want to be without a scarf or muffler. The two top styles this winter are animal prints and faux fur. Become a trendsetter by topping a classic camel coat with an elegant leopard print muffler, or try a leather coat or jacket with a contrasting faux fur scarf for another great look. Gloves are the other important winter accessory, and this year’s glove of choice is classic leather in a longer above-the-wrist style.

What to lose: mittens, knitted mufflers.

Now you’re ready to stay warm and do it in style.

Author Bio:

Guest post contributed by Zoe Plescia on behalf of Damart. Zoe designs clothes and moonlights as a freelance writer. Her articles mainly appear on fashion blogs.


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  1. Charlotte Reid

    You’ve covered some really great points here! A/w is my favourite season for fashion, I always look forward to getting my new coat and styling it up!

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